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Went to comic con and look who I ran into ^///v///^

I asked them for the video and they were very cool about it so here it is. All for you Joan ^w^


You just made this girl extremely happy.



So I know when I post personal stuff it’s depressing but’ I swear I try so hard so so hard to be happy. And I am happy most of the time, however it has gotten so hard to try and smile and not feel so empty.

I look at my arms and just have to fight back the want to cut them,me fen though I have never once done it before. I try to stay calm when anxiety creeps up on me making me think that death is something you can’t run from.

I have dreams that make me remember how fucked up in the head I have been and how pathetic I feel. Dreams have been the place of escape when it comes to my life. But now life is haunting my only escape.

I have so many days where I fight myself to leave my bed, I fight myself to eat, shower,dress, even to talk. Why is it so hard to do such simple things. Simple things that have become chores.

I can’t find a job, I can’t sell the things I make. I can’t make the money I need to get away from what’s causing half my problems.
I don’t even know what I would do if I got away, would it make things worse? Would my head out me in a deeper ditch than I already am.

I just want to remember and feel what it is to be actually happy again. I had not a care in the world when my parents where together, I was such a happy kid. Then things went down hill and so did I. I haven’t been able to pick myself up from it since.

6th grade now graduated…and I’m still depressed only getting help for it this year. Family still making me feel bad and making me feel like I’m making a big deal out of nothing. Saying I’m glorifying it when I’m not.

I just want to be happy, not have to fight tears. Not have to question everything that is going through my mind. Just shut down the part of my brain that causes it all. Not care what others think and be proud of who I am. If I could even figure out who I am.




I’ve already called around and none of the local rescues have any space. None of the vets will take them as surrenders. The shelter here euthanizes all kittens under four weeks old regardless of health; these guys are about three weeks old. They’re also sick (goopy eyes and nasal discharge), and I have exactly $17 to my name (which will buy one can of powdered formula, which will probably last about a week).

If you’re in the Modesto area of California or would be willing to make a drive and can foster kittens that need around-the-clock care, please get in contact with me. I can’t keep these kittens (I’m renting), and they also can’t go back outside. Their mom had them up on top of a plywood, metal, and glass mini-greenhouse, where they were baking to death - it’s going to be in the mid-nineties or higher all next week. One of them also nearly fell from six feet up, which would have been fatal (his crying was how I found them - he got stuck between the back of the greenhouse and the wall and was dangling).

If you can’t take them but want to help, you can also donate, which will buy formula and medicine while I continue to look for an appropriate foster situation, or signal boost this post.

For questions, send me an ask.

Donations can be sent to (please note that this is not my primary email address, and therefor not a good way to contact me).

I have no idea what I’m going to do if I can’t find a foster home for these kittens, but I’m hoping that if I can buy some time I’ll be able to find a rescue or an individual foster situation.

Signal boost!!!! Please help in any way you can, Jesse does so much for cats and I know he’ll do anything he can to take care of these babies or find them homes or fosters.

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